2012 Healthiest Employer Finalist

McClure Engineering | Finalist | Category 5 | 2-99 employees

McClure Engineering, an employee-owned design and consulting firm based in St. Louis, has a 10-member health and wellness committee to support employees and their dependents. In addition to increasing awareness about the benefits associated with a healthy lifestyle, the committee, which meets biweekly, oversees and supports activities that promote health and wellness initiatives provided by the firm.

McClure Engineering, led by President Keith Cooper, has 60 employees and revenue of $7 million.

A contracted registered nurse provides company-paid health screenings, including cardiovascular tests, vision and hearing screening, blood tests, and blood pressure checks for employees. Plus, in an attempt to thwart sick days, the company provides employees with flu shots.

There is an on-site fitness center available with weights and cardio exercise equipment for McClure employees.

The company also provides access to a personal trainer and nutritionist and sponsors exercise groups for popular workout programs, such as Zumba and P90X.

Outside the office, McClure sponsors recreational teams in area softball, basketball and bowling leagues.

Automated external defibrillator and CPR training also is provided by McClure.

To keep employees hydrated throughout the day, McClure stocks fridges with free bottled water and Gatorade.

The company recently added the Fruit My Cube program, which delivers a week’s worth of fresh produce for employees, however employees pay for their cubes of goodies on their own.

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