About Us

Our Firm

Established in 1953, McClure Engineering is a Mechanical and Electrical Consulting Engineering firm dedicated to the development of innovative solutions to unique engineering problems. The firm is committed to establishing and retaining a closely-knit relationship with our broad base of clients and through the relationship, establishing a team approach toward the development and implementation of leading edge technology in all aspects of energy systems engineering. The firm’s philosophy is that only through this cooperative team approach can the risks associated with new ideas be successfully borne and the state-of-the-art advanced.

Mission Statement

Every client and each project at McClure Engineering deserves a tailored design that is effective, efficient and easy to operate and maintain. As stewards of the built and natural environment, we are committed to turning complex engineering problems into simple solutions.

Core Values

Meaningful, Long-term Client Relationships: We develop relationships with our clients such that we become an extension of their staff, focused on their success through meaningful, long-term contributions to their operations.

Passionate about our Designs: We are, at our core, passionate about engineering – we make things, we fix things, and we dream things – not satisfied until we succeed in clearly communicating our ideas and then making our creations work.

Solutions Based on Fundamentals: We develop our solutions based on fundamental engineering principles that we identify and measure.

Energy Conservation: We are steadfast in our belief that energy conservation is an ethic that should permeate all aspects of our mechanical and electrical system designs for the benefit of our clients today and for the benefit of future generations who will depend on the energy saved through our endeavors.

The McClure Advantage

The firm consists of a talented group of individuals with the credentials and experience that has earned McClure the reputation of being expert consultants in the industry.


Nick Allen, PE

Keith Cooper, PE

Chuck Dale-Derks, PE, LEED AP

Erik Eaves, PE

Keith Esarey, PE, LEED AP

Kyle Knudten, PE, CPMP

Peter McDonnell, PE, LEED AP

Eric Reuther, PE

Phil Wentz, PE

Mechanical Designers

Brandon Amos

Kurtis Arens

Brett Eubanks

Rob Lilge

Austin Litteken

Bill Mallard

Ashley Mansfield

Scott Radford

Denise Reynolds

Walt Schisler

Darin Schreier

Business Operations & Admins

Eric Schactman, PE – Financial Officer

Casey Russell – Human Resources Director

Joanne Kalla – Administrative Assistant

Jennifer Cowan – Project Administrator

Rohan Newton – Project Administrator

Maggie Yanker – Project Administrator

Mary Zanti – Project Administrator

Mechanical Engineers & Staff

Nick Allen, PE

Dan Bardon, PE

Louis Bourgeois

Ajay Bhargava, PE, CEM

Anuj Bhargava, PE, BEMP

Karl Bratcher, PE

Jared Carrier

Chuck Dale-Derks, PE, LEED AP

Erik Eaves, PE

Keith Esarey, PE, LEED AP

Mauro Fraschini

Shannon Gilligan, PELEED AP

Karen Giovanoni

Kyle Griffin, EIT

Randy Hassler, PE, LEED AP

Rick Hautekeete, PECEMLEED AP

Sarah Healy, EIT

Matt Hochstein

Grant Irvine, PE

Kyle Knudten, PE, CPMP

Ely LaBerge, EIT

Kevin Lawson, PE, LEED AP

Peter McDonnell, PE, LEED AP

Scott Moseley, PE

Tatsianna Patega, PE

Kevin Pezold

Eric Poettker, PE

Alex Pugh, PE

Josh Rasch

Eric Reuther, PE, LEED AP

Jeff Scott, PE

Dan Stortz

Phil Sutherlin, PE

Pat Travers, PE

Steve Vehige, PE, LEED AP

Luke Walker, PE

Mark Wehmeyer, PE

Acoustics & A/V Staff

Dave Bick, RCDD, CTS

Gary Brown

Jared Carrier

Emile Damotte, PE

Shannon Gilligan, PELEED AP

Josh Rasch

Phil Wentz, PE

Electrical Engineers & Staff

Mehdi Ben-Ayed

Dave Bick, RCDD, CTS

Matt Costantinou

Keith Cooper, PE

Paul Churnock, PE

Darren Dinkelman

Nick Ging

Amy Hughes, LEED AP

Matt Meyers

Austin Strieker, PE

Matt Struckel, PE

Derek Troy, LEED AP

Phil Wentz, PE

Bryan Webb, PE

James Westerson, PE

Electrical Designers

Shaun Brooks

Derek Chestnut

Tom Fisher

Steve Freund

Bridget Fronabarger

Randy Hagemann

Mike Hartmann

Rob Lilge

Jesse Poore-Cooper

Cecilia Washington

Lighting Designers

Mary Goodwin

Julia Heutel

Amy Hughes