Acoustic Services

Architectural Acoustics

Performance spaces require considerable amounts of acoustical absorption placed on the surfaces throughout to enhance the listening experience and improve speech intelligibility. We specialize in acoustically modeling rooms and determining what materials and what amounts need to be applied to a space. EDI can test the reverberation time (RT) of your room and use that information to make recommendations to fine tune your product. EDI can also evaluate and make recommendations for the design of wall and floor/ceiling partitions and assemblies to ensure privacy. Privacy between adjacent spaces hinges on the quality and design of the wall and floor/ceiling partitions.

A/V System Design

EDI is capable of designing full-scale, professional-level, Audio Visual Systems. We will provide Design Documents, Bid Documents, and coordinate any issues that may come forth during installation. We can create full design drawings and specifications for bidding purposes for spaces where the goal is to provide a good listening and/or performance environment. Consulting for the following:

  • E.A.S.E. Modeling for optimum speaker location
  • Electronic Media (A/V) Systems
  • Control System
  • Lighting System
  • Stage/Orchestra Pit/Control Booth
  • Acoustics and HVAC Noise Control
  • Stage Rigging and Curtains
  • Miscellaneous Theatre/House Items
    • Proscenium design (included in above)
    • Orchestra pit design
    • Wing equipment layout (part of rigging)
    • Stage flooring
    • Sight lines
    • Seating
    • Green room and dressing rooms
    • Scene shop
    • Prop storage
    • Ticketing
    • Traffic flow
    • Review of applicable theatre codes

Mechanical Systems Isolation

Analyses and recommendations that target building system noise sources.

  • HVAC
  • Roof Top Equipment
  • Air Handling Units
  • Emergency Generators
  • Ductwork Design Criteria
  • Sensitive Equipment Isolation Designs
  • Designs for Mechanical Equipment Rooms
  • Equipment Isolation for Vibration

We provide analysis and recommendations to help reduce employee and property line impact for industrial noise sources in the following areas:

  • Hearing Conservation Programs
  • Noise Monitoring surveys to identify specific noise sources
  • Vibration Isolation
  • Property line sound impact investigations
  • Sound surveys of existing space for future addition of new equipment to meet established dBA criteria.

Onsite Field Testing

EDI can provide engineering services when interior spaces are impacted by exterior noises generated by industry, highways, airplanes, trains, and other man made sounds.

  • Airplane, train and highway noise monitoring
  • Noise barrier recommendations
  • Emergency generator wall enclosure
  • Environmental noise impact studies
  • Industrial noise impact and reduction
  • Site suitability assessments
  • Vibration impact assessments for both structural and ground borne

Additionally, we can perform tests to determine the interior metrics of a building such as Field Sound Transmission Class or Field Impact Isolation Class of a wall partition or floor/ceiling assembly.


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