EDI Acoustics is now part of
McClure Engineering.

Backed by 40+ years of experience, EDI has fully trained acoustical specialists that have served a host of clients. Projects include:

  • Theaters
  • Auditoria
  • Arenas
  • Churches
  • Synagogues
  • Educational facilities
  • Commercial facilities
  • Industrial facilities
  • Residential

  • McClure Engineering, founded in 1953, is a design firm specializing in engineering for building and campus systems (mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire protection, temperature control, lighting, security, and audio/visual); acoustical consulting; and building systems commissioning.

    Architectural Acoustics

    Performance spaces require considerable amounts of acoustical absorption placed on the surfaces throughout to enhance the listening experience and improve speech intelligibility. We specialize in acoustically modeling rooms and determining what materials and what amounts need to be applied to a space. EDI can test the reverberation time (RT) of your room and use that information to make recommendations to fine tune your product. EDI can also evaluate and make recommendations for the design of wall and floor/ceiling partitions and assemblies to ensure privacy. Privacy between adjacent spaces hinges on the quality and design of the wall and floor/ceiling partitions.

    A/V System Design

    EDI is capable of designing full-scale, professional-level, Audio Visual Systems. We will provide Design Documents, Bid Documents, and coordinate any issues that may come forth during installation. We can create full design drawings and specifications for bidding purposes for spaces where the goal is to provide a good listening and/or performance environment. Consulting for the following:

    Mechanical Systems Isolation

    Analyses and recommendations that target building system noise sources.

    We provide analysis and recommendations to help reduce employee and property line impact for industrial noise sources in the following areas:

    Onsite Field Testing

    EDI can provide engineering services when interior spaces are impacted by exterior noises generated by industry, highways, airplanes, trains, and other man made sounds.

    Additionally, we can perform tests to determine the interior metrics of a building such as Field Sound Transmission Class or Field Impact Isolation Class of a wall partition or floor/ceiling assembly.

    Performance Spaces & Auditoria

    Industrial Acoustics & Noise Control Clients

    Architectural, Engineering, and Contractor Clients

    EDI has consulted with numerous federal, state, and local government agencies on a wide variety of projects. Jobs vary from federal installation projects with concerns over sensitive material protection to small community issues over noise code compliance. Below is a listing of governmental agency clients:

    Environmental Noise and Vibration Clients

    Gary Brown

    Gary has over 25 years of acoustical and vibration consulting experience with EDI. He has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Construction from Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Civil Engineering from the Joint Engineering Program at Washington University/University of Missouri-St. Louis. He has taken several graduate courses in acoustics and vibration including Vibration Analysis, Structural Dynamics and Finite Element Analysis. He has been involved in every phase of the construction project from paper to build-out and has solved many acoustical and vibration problems throughout his career. Gary's motto is "Making the World Sound Better One Project at a Time."