Herrin Hospital 3rd Generator

Herrin Hospital – Herrin, Illinois

A study, followed by a design project, for Herrin Hospital eliminating a single remaining 250kW diesel generator on the West side of the campus, paralleling an additional 400kW diesel generator with 400kW and 300kW units paralleled during a previous expansion project. The existing 250kW generator was quickly approaching end of life at this time, was without any form of redundancy, and served all three required branches of emergency power via a single source of distribution. Branches of EPS consisted of various voltages, single phase, three phase, Delta, Wye, grounded, ungrounded, and corner grounded. In the end all branches were structured to support 277/480V Wye, and 120/208V Wye configurations to be consistent with the remainder of the hospital.

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Herrin Hospital Inpatient Expansion