HH Building Airflow Study

Pfizer – Chesterfield, Missouri

An energy study of the facility identified that the quantities of ventilation required for Building HH (a laboratory and pilot plant facility) by far exceeded the usage of the other buildings on Pfizer’s Chesterfield Campus.  Upon further investigation, we found that airflows had been increased during a recent renovation of the building.  After we brought this to the attention of the Owner, a study was commissioned to determine the actual airflow requirements for the various portions of the building.  This study consisted of field investigation of the actual equipment and lighting loads as well as amperage measurements at all power panels.  As a result of this study, the total ventilation airflow to the building was reduced by 32,000 cfm.  This results in a net energy usage reduction of approximately $77,000 per year while simultaneously freeing up 300 tons of cooling capacity and 2600 lb/hr of steam capacity.

3506 S. Broadway AHU Study
Boiler Plant Lighting