Memorial Hospital of Carbondale AHU Replacement

Memorial Hospital of Carbondale – Carbondale, Illinois

McClure replaced 3 air handling units that had been in service well beyond their useful life.  These units served nearly 20% of the hospital including some of the most critical areas, including the Emergency, Imaging and Cardiac Cath departments, laboratory, pediatric wing, pharmacy, and other patient support areas. Installed as part of the original construction of some of the oldest portions of the hospital, these units had been in service in some cases for 50-years or more. The only reason they were allowed to remain in service this long is because they had become landlocked and any plan to replace this equipment involved significant impact to the hospital’s operation. McClure was challenged to develop a plan to replace these units while minimizing the impact to the hospital’s ongoing operations. In what was described by the Owner as a plan that “was akin to open heart surgery while the patient was still conscious”, McClure was able to both conceive and execute their program that exceeded the hospital’s expectations.  The $3.5M dollar project took approximately 8 months to develop and design and another year to execute, but resulted in the installation of four new air handling systems with the only required extended shutdown involving a partial shutdown of the imaging department over a single weekend.

Memorial Hospital of Carbondale Energy Center
Herrin Hospital 3rd Generator