Memorial Hospital of Carbondale EPSS Study and Implementation

Memorial Hospital of Carbondale – Carbondale, Illinois

This project was as emergency power study to determine weak points in the overall emergency power system (EPS), correct code deficiencies regarding EPS branch segregation, develop a master phasing scheme to address the corrections necessary, and assemble a budget/cash flow analysis to support budgeting efforts over the course of two fiscal years. Upon review of the study an implementation project was kicked off to develop bid documents for each phase outlined in the study.  Overall construction costs were $1.8M.  During this effort, there was close coordination with facilities engineering in developing strategies to shift load from the current 208V EPS to the new 480V EPS, further develop a phasing plan, and further develop a cash flow plan in conjunction with final phasing.  The overall scope of this particular project involved the every department in the hospital with regard to power outages.  This included the distribution level and a very detailed individual circuit level. Shutdown, feeder routing, and infection control were the most critical efforts necessary for coordination with facilities engineering.

St. Joseph Memorial Hospital EPSS Study and Implementation
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