Memorial Hospital of Carbondale Surgery and Nursing Expansion

Memorial Hospital of Carbondale – Carbondale, Illinois

A $50M surgery and nursing wing addition designed to provide (3) additional operating rooms, reconstruct all phases of prep and recovery improving patient flow, while building a 3 story addition over the current same day surgery department. This project design effort included evaluation of downtime, phasing, and infection control as three of the most important elements. The project was limited to one off-hour shutdown of the surgery department and no disruption to ICU. Temporary AHU’s, generators, ATS’s were included at key points in the project to nearly eliminate downtime associated with infrastructure upgrades. Design considerations included restructuring emergency distribution from 208V to 480V where possible. This effort helped to gain capacity necessary at key points in the distribution eliminating the need to shutdown various areas of patient care to all new feeders to be installed. Phasing of the one-line drawing was incorporated to show conduit routing, partial feeder installations, terminal blocks, and temporary generator tie-in to better define the scope of work allowing for more consistent bids and pre-construction scheduling efforts. Other difficulties overcome during this particular design included outdated switchgear at several points. Different approaches were used to eliminate replacement of switchgear unless absolutely necessary. Thermo graphic reports were reviewed to verify integrity of some equipment, others required loads shifted elsewhere to allow for new distribution, and others required coordination with manufacturer’s to develop buss extensions to allow for additional switches where overall capacity was not an issue.

Memorial Hospital of Carbondale EPSS Study and Implementation
Memorial Hospital of Carbondale Energy Center