Pattonville High School Classroom Renovations

Pattonville School District – St. Louis, Missouri

A $3.5 Million project which included a 90,000 square foot renovation of existing classroom wings, offices, and locker rooms over two summers.  Renovations consisted of replacing the existing ceiling grid system, lights, and diffusers with new duct branches. The fire sprinkler heads were also relocated as required.  One wing received a new VRF system with fan coil units and a 100% OA unit with energy recovery wheel serving air independently of the VRF system to the rooms.  Large structural beams in the classroom ceiling limited us to a VRF design. New secondary heating hot water pumps were installed and rebalanced after the deletion of the fan coil units serving this space. The locker room’s diffusers were replaced and new plumbing fixtures were installed to meet ADA requirements.

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