Crow Hall Acoustics Labs

Washington University in St. Louis – St. Louis, Missouri

This acoustical study prepared two laboratories for cryogen-free dilution refrigerators (which approach zero kelvin) and their magnets.  This specialty equipment has very tight vibration and sound tolerances.  The labs require acoustical isolation from their associated pumps and equipment rooms as well as from adjacent spaces.  This project included a thorough study of the equipment and discussions with the end users to develop an understanding of the requirements and set the criteria.  Also, measurements of the existing background noise and vibration levels and comprehensive HVAC noise calculations were completed in order to provide recommendations for space appropriate acoustics.

Lorton Performing Arts Center

University of Tulsa – Tulsa, Oklahoma

This 91,937 square foot, $28M performing arts center includes a 700-seat theater and various rehearsal spaces. McClure provided acoustical design, audio/visual design, and theatrical design for main theater, recital hall, film classroom, and practice rooms.

Mallinckrodt Geotechnology Vibration

Mallinckrodt – St. Louis, Missouri

A study to monitor the vibration levels from a micro-pile operation within the Mallinckrodt facility. The micro-pile operation is located next to a building utility bridge, which houses sensitive equipment. We monitored and measured the vibration levels inside and outside the building to determine if the vibrations produced by the micro–pile operation caused any impact to the sensitive lab instruments. The operation was monitored and results were reported after each task was completed for a total of three micro-pile sites.

Richardson Auditorium Renovation – Audio/Video Design and Architectural Acoustics

Lincoln University – Jefferson City, Missouri

Audio/visual and electrical systems were renovated to meet modern and future requirements. This included new mixing locations, conduit paths, audio/video program monitor, and press feeds, and the renovated areas include speakers, amplifiers, processors, audio mixer, stage manager’s panel, acoustical treatment, sound reinforcement, and video projection systems for theatrical events, concerts, and classroom lectures. Construction budget was $200,000.

Acoustic Treatment and Audio/Video Equipment Installation

Developmental Disabilities Resource Board (DDRB) – St. Charles, Missouri

Provided improvements to 2,810 square foot Community Meeting Room consisting of the addition of acoustic wall panels and banners and installation of audio video system with fixed screen, projector, and conferencing communication system.  Total project construction cost estimated at $85,000.

Covidien Plant Noise Study

Covidien – Greenville, Illinois

Environmental property line noise study of the Covidien Plant in Greenville, IL. Performed noise measurements and prepared acoustical recommendations for an exhaust fan system and two blower pumps transmitting noise to nearby neighborhood.

Churchill School Acoustical Analysis

Churchill School – St. Louis, Missouri

McClure Engineering provided acoustical services for a new school to serve children with learning disabilities. This included sound measurements, design assistance, and recommendations including Environmental Noise/Building Envelope construction, school acoustics, speech intelligibility, sound transmission, privacy, and HVAC equipment interior noise impact. Architectural Acoustics were included for common areas and the auditorium to insure spaces were appropriate for public use.