Building and Campus Systems

Washington University School of Medicine, Campus Chilled Water SystemMechanical

A beautiful building isn’t a livable building without reliable climate control, effective lighting, and efficient energy use. We take a hands-on approach to projects, whether the building is still on paper or being retrofitted. Our engineering designs are recognized for their thoroughness, and are akin to designs for industrial projects. We have leveraged these skills with our growing list of clients in the lab/science industry. Our goal is to deliver functional, easily maintained and serviceable systems for the long term. And that’s truly beautiful.


Every building system depends on a reliable and efficient electrical plan. Our electrical designs are carefully coordinated and seamlessly integrated into all mechanical, lighting, and fire protection systems. We provide engineering design services for one of the country’s largest data center companies, which include medium voltage systems and two-megawatt emergency generators. Our engineers are familiar with the most advanced systems to ensure that your project is on budget, reliable, safe and state-of-the-art.


Let’s face it. No matter how elegantly a building is designed, if the plumbing doesn’t work, it’s not pretty. Whether it’s an office restroom or a collegiate recreation center, proper temperature and water pressure are essential. Our engineers design plumbing systems with energy efficiency and optimal performance in mind.

Fire Protection - McClure EngineeringFire Protection

When it comes to installing fire detection and sprinkler systems, an ounce of prevention can save huge headaches later on. Our engineers and designers review pipe routing, service clearances, and shop drawings before systems are installed to catch conflicts before they become issues. We ensure that fire protection systems fit seamlessly with other building systems and agree with the aesthetic of the building.


Few things influence the form and function of a building more than lighting. It defines the personality of a space, while insufficient or uninspired lighting diminishes its impact. Our lighting solutions deliver the highest aesthetics, energy efficiency and serviceability for our clients’ projects.

University of Missouri, St. Louis - Touhill Performing Arts CenterAcoustics

You might not think of engineers as experts in music or sound, and aside from our deep catalogue of early techno-disco tracks, we would tend to agree. However, we’ve all experienced the pain of not being able to hear our dinner partners’ conversation in a noisy restaurant, or sitting through a muddled Beethoven symphony. The answer is good sound design. From perfecting the acoustics for a concert hall design to solving an existing noise problem, our engineers use modeling software, test equipment, and design experience to deliver projects that not only look good, but sound great.

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Our engineers use their thorough understanding of system design, control system programming and performance testing to fine-tune each building system to run efficiently and at peak performance. We take our tools, test equipment and laptops to the field to ensure that all building systems operate correctly and the project meets the owner’s expectations.


Our goal is to deliver A/V systems that inform, entertain, uplift and delight. Behind the scenes, that requires seamless integration of software, hardware, and connections across different presentation platforms. Our hands-on approach to engineering and design allows us to deliver professional results and outstanding performance.


Theatrical design encompasses expertise across lighting, acoustics, HVAC systems, audio/visual components and stage rigging. Like Broadway directors, our specialists orchestrate all the individual pieces into a brilliant production that will win your theater a standing ovation.