St. Joseph Memorial Hospital EPSS Study and Implementation

St. Joseph Memorial Hospital – Murphysboro, Illinois

This project was an emergency power study to determine the best solution to fix current system limitations and code violations at the 100,000 sq. ft. hospital. Resolving code violations and developing a plan for future redundancy were the main goals for this project. Accurate one-line diagrams were the first effort, as nothing accurate existed. Proper emergency power branch segregation became the primary concern. St Joseph Memorial Hospital was comprised of two emergency power systems, (1) 480V, (1) 208V. Each system served roughly 50% of the hospital. These systems had no connection, with no redundancy, and lacked the three branches of emergency power required by NEC. The final report presented a plan which is currently in construction. This design was tailored to meet the owners concerns with regard to budget, to fix the code violations notes, and allow for future growth and future redundancy.

Memorial Hospital of Carbondale EPSS Study and Implementation