St. Louis County Crime Lab

Built in 1946 and originally not designed for air conditioning the upper two floors of the building have clear ceiling heights of 6’-0” to 8’-8” in several locations. Laboratory spaces of this nature typically want 10 foot high ceiling and 14-15’ clear structures. The project’s goal was to update these building floors to a modern facility with updated central HVAC, updated plumbing, new lab utilities, electrical, fire protection, security and data communication systems. The building’s infra-structure posed many design and construction challenges, which included the need to upgrade the building’s central mechanical and electrical systems provided from the campus’ central plant located in an adjacent building.

The $12M, 40,000 sq ft project includes Forensic Laboratory spaces for: Chemistry, Biology (including DNA), Evidence Processing & storage, Fingerprinting, Photography, Fire Arms (including range), administration and Vehicle Processing bays.
McClure Engineering provided HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing, Fire Protection and Security Systems design services.

The HVAC loads associated with these laboratories require modifications to the campus chilled and heating water systems. The chilled water loop piping serving the building was increased in size and the building pumps were up-sized. The campus heating hot water loop was sufficient in size, however the building loop pump was replaced to properly meet the new building loads. HVAC systems utilize HEPA filtration of exhaust air from the Firing Range and energy recovery from all Lab Exhaust Air. Electrical systems include emergency power distribution, high efficient lighting with Task support and circuiting by Lab usage. Plumbing systems include High Purity (99.999%) gas manifolds for Nitrogen, Hydrogen, Lab Air & Helium.

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