Washington University School of Medicine
Biomedical Research Building Commissioning

McClure Engineering provided third party commissioning services for the BJC Institute of Health at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis. The 660,000 square foot shell and core project, which is a LEED Gold Certified research laboratory, included all building major utilities and equipment to support the initial tenant finish package. Installed systems included campus steam connection, a new chilled water plant that was integrated to the campus chilled water distribution system, make-up air handling units, space conditioning air handling units and laboratory exhaust systems.

A 163,000 square foot tenant finish package consisted of wet labs, a Biosafety Level 3 research facility and supporting office areas. Installed systems consisted of conventional VAV terminal units, laboratory tracking pair terminal units, fume hoods, daylighting controls and lighting/HVAC integrated zone occupancy controls.

In addition to tight time constraints on construction as well as the coordination of efforts of multiple phases of shell and core development, some of the unique challenges the commissioning team encountered were:

– Coordination and timing of efforts were complicated since MEP subcontractors selected for the shell and core bid package were different than for the tenant finish packages.

– An unusual, open central stair design made execution and verification of the stairwell pressurization system difficult.

– Operational issues were discovered such as excessive vibration remote from equipment, a deficient condenser water pump and performance of the building envelope.

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