Washington University School of Medicine Campus Chilled Water System Integration

This project was the culmination of 10 years of campus infrastructure work to join the operation and control of seven separate chilled water plants (full load cooling capacity of 21,000 tons). The work included replacing the building automation system on more than half of the seven separate chilled water plants, designing programming logic to facilitate optimized control, and making piping and pumping modifications to improve redundancy and decrease energy usage.

We also provided mechanical and electrical systems commissioning of the campus chilled water system. As part of this work, our technicians worked closely with the installing contractor to prepare and configure all customized programming for each of the chilled water plants (21 chillers). Additionally, our technicians worked with the facility staff to repair and replace existing components that had failed or fallen out of calibration, in order to ensure project success.

Commissioning for Central Utilities WUSM (PDF)



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